SoftAMIS is specialized in custom software development and provides high quality Java™ and Web development services.

Our Java consulting and software development services provide full support at every project stage from architecture through implementation. Enterprise Java and XML are our primary focus, including Struts, Servlets and JavaServer Pages™ (JSPs), Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJBs), XML, and Web services.

What makes our company unique is our own research and development activity that allows us to utilize most innovative tools and technologies developed by our company. Please view our Technology Demos to find more about them.

Our strong intention is delivering state of the art enterprise software solutions on time and in budget. We are using the latest tools, technologies and methodologies that allow us to meet and satisfy customers' needs and expectations.

SoftAMIS joins forces of very experienced software developers and our highly motivated team is always ready to deliver the best solutions money can buy.

SoftAMIS was founded in February 2000 and successfully worked on outsourced projects for different clients around the world (primary located in UK, USA and Germany).

Products developed by our company were highlighted on Sun Swing Sightings site as good examples of user interface creation using Java technology.

Besides custom software development, previously SoftAMIS offered own products. Our most famous product was Productivity! for JBuilder - a set of tools intended to increase productivity of Java developers utilizing Borland JBuilder. Since we concentrated our focus to providing custom software development services only, this product currently is further maintained and supported by another company - you can find it on

SoftAMIS is located in Kharkov, Ukraine (Eastern Europe) - an Eastern Europe republic with high level of education and computer literacy. Because of the smaller competition on the labor market, SoftAMIS is hiring the most experienced and skilled professionals, which results in a significantly higher concentration of top talent in our team. Ukrainian culture is very similar to the culture of North America and Western Europe, which reduces some of the problems that result from teams of differing cultural backgrounds working together and allows better understanding of the subtle cultural and aesthetic issues in software human interface design for a western market.