Today many businesses worry about cost cuttings rather then gaining a competitive edge as a result of which cost reductions, commodity services and efficiency have replaced strategic investments, new initiatives and value additions. In such a scenario it makes sense for businesses to concentrate on their core competence and outsource their IT related activities to a reliable offshore IT services company. Offshore outsourcing of IT related activities to an offshore outsourcing company adds significantly to cost savings without compromising on quality, bringing in more value addition.

SoftAMIS believes in the philosophy of being an Offshore IT Service Partner rather then an Offshore IT Service Provider. We help our partners by using IT as an asset to deliver strategic value. We understand that businesses in the modern times have diversified IT needs which are not just restricted to application development or maintenance but are far beyond that. By offering a wide range of offshore software development, web development, strategic IT consulting and other IT services we thrive to cater the diversified needs of our partners.

SoftAMIS provides full cycle of software development and consulting services - from requirements definition to deployment and maintenance of the developed software and from re-engineering any existing solutions to building turnkey solution from scratch.

SoftAMIS can provide the development services in wide range of areas. Business areas of our experience and interest include:

  • Custom business solutions;
  • Database driven Web sites;
  • CRM and ERP systems;
  • GIS systems;
  • Logistic systems;
  • B2B and B2C e-commerce systems;
  • Enterprise information systems;
  • System Integration;
  • Point Of Sale solutions.

IT technology areas of experience include:

  • Internet/Intranet solutions;
  • Databases and database driven systems;
  • Distributed n-tier systems;
  • Development of instrumental tools;
  • Re-engineering and systems integration;
  • Standalone GUI applications;
  • JavaPOS based applications.