SoftAMIS offers integration services and solutions by employing a number of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and legacy-to-Web extension technologies. We have the project experience and precise knowledge necessary to effectively integrate platforms in today's heterogeneous environments.

  • Software consulting services include EAI strategy development, solution scoping, risk assessment, product evaluation, and more.
  • Requirements Development encompasses architecture, work breakdown structure, project planning, effort/cost estimation, and infrastructure and resource requirements.
  • Project Execution involves workflow, process modeling, interface design and development of APIs, middleware, adapters, templates, system management functionalities, support and maintenance.

SoftAMIS's engineers are dedicated to helping enterprises resolve data transformation and integration issues related to EDI and legacy applications and their merger with new technologies. Our team is educated in various types of EDI transactions and dialects. Our engineers also work on the cutting edge of data transformation technologies involving XML, XPath and XSLT.