What makes our company unique is our own research and development activity that allows us to utilize most innovative tools and technologies developed by our company. During previous several years we've developed siginificant amount of Java tools and libraries which allow us to be effective. All of them are quite stable and were tested by real life, since they were used in several projects we've developed.

SoftAMIS supports and believes in the Open Source movement - we utilize a number of good Open Source components, and SoftAMIS developers are committers in several Open Source projects.

To give back to the open source community, we here in SoftAMIS opened (and going to open more) some of tools and libraries we've developed into opensource. Due to nature of our activities, they are intended to help Java and Web developers to solve various every day tasks.

In general, SoftAMIS is Java oriented company. However, we have significant experience in development of rich client applications using AJAX. That's why on these section of our site both Java and JavaScript/AJAX projects and utilities are highlighted.

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Please note that at the moment we work hard to release more goodies we've developed into open source, and they will be available soon, so please visit our site later to find more about them!