At the moment we work hard to release more goodies we've developed into open source, and they will be available soon, so please visit our site later to find more about them!

Here are some Java related software developed by us which is in Open Source now!

Already available

The following Java libraries are available for immediately use:


Lightweight XML processing tools. Major features are:

  • Generation of POJO by DTD;
  • Using typed POJO for manipulation for XML documents in Java;
  • XML-POJO mapping using either Java5 annotations or DTD with processing instructions;
  • Ability to access and modify XML document using POJO instead of SAX or DOM;
  • Custom preprocessing of XML documents using expression language;
  • Support of "binary" XML format;
  • RMI friendly XML marshalling;
  • Export JavaBeans tree to JSON;


Clustered Remoting For Spring Framework (Cluster4Spring)

Replacement for standard remoting functionality offered by Spring framework. Allows to organize self-configured cluster of servers which provide remote services dynamically discoverable by clients. Major features are:

  • Auto-discoverable remote services;
  • Minimal configuration for cluster definition;
  • Run-time services discovering;
  • Ability to switch between service instance providers on runtime;
  • Ability to explicitly specify the set of available locations for service;
  • Various policies for error recovering;
  • Flexible policies used to select particular instance of remote service;


Distributed Registry (DistRegistry)

The NetRegistry library is lightweight open source Java library, which is intended to support distributed registry of items that stores these items under given keys (similar to distributed hash table, or DHT). Major features are:

  • DistRegistry is Open Source implementation of distributed registry;
  • It's possible to use library as base for development of more sophisticated functionality;
  • Integration with Spring framework is included;
  • Contains generic usage UDP multicasting functionality with can be used separately;
  • Includes basic distributed cache;
  • DistRegistry supports pluggable transport layer (either simple UDP multicast based or JGroups Based);
  • Library is stable and ready to use;


What do we plan to open soon?

In the nearest future, we plan to open the following Java libraries:

Pure Java Profiling Subsystem

Plain Java library used for collecting runtime profiling and monitoring information. Major features are:

  • Ability to measure arbitrary metrics;
  • Run-time data aggregations;
  • Support of various data distributions;
  • Snapshot mode which allows to get profiling snapshot of particular calls;
  • Tight integration with Spring framework;
  • Integrated profiling proxies for POJO, JDBC, remoting etc;
  • Pluggable and highly customizable architecture;