The DistRegistry library is open source pure Java library, which is intended to support distributed registry of items (similar to distributed hash table, or DHT).

The main purpose of DistRegistry is to provide the open source, lightweight and Java-based implementation of distributed registry, which stores objects with given keys. Objects may be stored and consumed in different locations withing network. Therefore, the main idea is quite close to using distributed hash table, but has some differences.

Distribute registry overview

In addition to distributed registry, the library includes implementation of simple distributed cache as well as offers various utility classes used for various purposes, for example, in UDP based multicast communication.

While DistRegistry can be used as independent library, the primary goals of its development is providing support for service discovering functionality implemented by Clustered Remoting For Spring Framework (Cluster4Spring) project which replaces built-in remoting functionality of Spring framework. It is intended to add dynamic service discovering, increase fault tolerance of the distribute system could be built with the use of Spring framework. Logo   Support This Project