SoftAMIS is a focused technology driven company. The foundation to our operations is the technology competencies of our people. The technology skills of our engineers span across multiple industry segments. By keeping abreast with the state of the art in the technology front, we had been able to consistently partner our customers in their development initiatives.

SoftAMIS employs the great team of very skilled developers having 9 years of experience in custom software development.

Our company is focused on development of enterprise level custom Java and Web solutions. Despite this, our company is always open for new possibilities and using of new technologies as well as legacy ones.

What makes our company unique is our own research and development activity that allows us to utilize the most innovative tools and technologies developed by our company.

Usually, most software development companies publish an extended list of tools and technologies that include nearly all known programming languages.

We at SoftAMIS do not intend to use all the available technologies. We claim that we specialize in Java and Internet-related technologies.

The question of technology is usually a concern of a service provider, and we always choose programming languages and technologies suitable to project size and budget. However, we are always attentive to all your requirements and wishes, including technological preferences.

Languages Web Client UI Desktop Client UI
Java AJAX/DHTML JavaScript SWING Delphi VCL
Delphi Pascal Flash CSS AWT GDI+
C/C++ Web Content Generation Technologies Reporting
SQL-92 / TSQL Java Server Faces (JSF) QuickReport Jasper Report
JavaScript Jakarta Struts JSP XML Processing Distributed Technologies
ActionScript Java Servlet API SAX SOAP
VB Script Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Technologies XSL/XSLT RMI
Other JBoss/Tomcat WebLogic Borland AppServer WebSphere
Java POS Object/Relational Mapping Tools
JAI Hibernate EJB CMP EJB BMP TopLink
JMF Database Connectivity
VFW Relational Database
  MS SQL MySQL Oracle Paradox
  HSQL Cloudscape InstantDB Interbase / Firebird

Once we accept your project, we analyze your specific needs and then plan for strategic, further developments of your project. This gives us precise insight of your requirements and the deployment of the latest technologies and expertise syndicated with best practices of software development to give out ultimate, full-fledged solutions.

We use specific technologies and methodologies crafted for custom software development solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies will enable us to focus our core competencies at every stage of the software development lifecycle. Besides, we make sure our work process is communicated well with the client and documented properly, and also we ensure the product is delivered on time.