Our Point of Sale Software System (POS) is a powerful new business solution that manages the collaborative flow of real-time information throughout an enterprise and vastly simplifies the communications and IT infrastructure required to efficiently manage complex, geographically dispersed business operation. The POS network integrates next-generation, cross-platform applications software, state of-the-art data warehouse/data mining technology, and comprehensive Web-based communications in order to continuously collect transaction data from legacy systems without expensive retro-fitting or modifications of existing hardware and software. POS then instantly consolidates this data and distributes "actionable information" directly to managers via standard Internet connections, pagers or wireless methods.

POS supports several modes of functioning:

  • Standalone mode in which it could be used as standalone POS application.
  • Client-server mode, in which one central server exists and serves several POS stations;
  • Integrated mode, in which POS is integrated with some third party system used for inventory management and accounting. Oracle Small Business Suite is sample of such third party system (integration is performed via smbXML protocol);

Built to be open for integration with various accounting and inventory management system, POS provides extremely rich functionality that allows to integrate it with arbitrary any third party system.

What makes SoftAMIS POS solutions different from other tons of POS software is their Java nature. Our POS solutions are based on Java Platform that allow them operate under any operation system for which Java exists. Moreover, they are based on JavaPOS standards and this allows us to offer POS solutions that employs virtually any POS hardware.

The Point of Sale (POS) system provides clients with a wide array of customizable features that are designed to facilitate the flow of information throughout the enterprise. These features may be combined in virtually any way to offer solutions tailored to the individual needs of any business type.

  • Enterprise Portal Multiple Store, Restaurant, Retail
  • Legacy Integration with Quick Books and Peach Tree
  • Real-Time Data Collection from POS terminals
  • Point of Sale Data Management
  • POS, Orders and Inventory Control
  • Point of Sale Report & Queries
  • Accounting Back Office Integration, Quick Books
  • POS Data Change Manager
  • Point of sale system monitoring

POS utilizes low-cost, Web-based communications and centralized complex database management functions. POS makes it cost effective for a company of virtually any size to realize the enormous benefits of collecting, storing and analyzing real-time operating information, which can positively impact management decisions making and provide input to a wide variety of other systems throughout the enterprise. Given today's rapidly changing technology, this model offers significant advantages to companies by eliminating heavy investment in IT infrastructure and vastly simplifying the process of implementing an enterprise-wide data collection, warehousing and reporting system.

POS's unique data collection technology insures almost instantaneous transfer of data from point of collection to the POS data warehouse where it is immediately transformed into viewable information.

POS centralized data warehouse insures integrity and security of transactions-level data and manages consolidation and distribution via customizable reports, queries or data outputs to other corporate systems.

Client part of PictoPOS system is implemented using Java Swing library which is used for GUI rendering and using JavaPOS for working with POS devices. Server side is implemented based on J2EE application server (like JBoss or WebLogic).