To help solve business challenges of our customers, SoftAMIS adheres to a solid software development methodology based on Capability Maturity Model (CMM), adopted over the course of our years of offshore software development practice to business needs of our customers.

This process allows us to work with you to establish the best overall approach for your project, which typically includes the following phases:

  1. Definition
    Assembles all the information needed to develop your software. We create documents that outline exactly how and when we propose to develop and deliver your project, including required functionality, environment, interfaces, and a project plan, letting you vary the project requirements before the project begins.

  2. Analysis
    Creates a detailed functional specification, defining the system or application behavior, and provides another opportunity for you to review and approve the application before it's creation commences. At this point, we revise the project plan, providing accurate and achievable timelines and budgets.

  3. Design
    Evaluates the project requirements and functional specification, reviews the possible technical solutions, and selects the best one. Then we create a design specification that describes the internal architecture of the system, and serves as a blue print for coding.

  4. Programming
    Employs state-of-the-art tools and technologies to develop your application quickly and properly. The developers work from the functional and design specifications, as well as to SoftAMIS's strict internal coding standards, to ensure your project is created precisely to your requirements.

  5. Testing
    Utilizes a rigorous test plan created at the beginning of your project. SoftAMIS believes quality assurance throughout a project ensures that the functional and design specifications are written to produce software that is achievable, reliable, and usable. Quality Assurance specialists continuously and methodically test independent modules, as well as the complete system, throughout and after the programming process.

  6. Deployment
    Achieves your approval on the project and installs the solution in your business environment. SoftAMIS does not consider a project complete until the software or application is working in your desired location and integrates with your other systems and business processes.

  7. Maintenance
    Ensures that the software receives functional updates on an as-needed basis as your business needs evolve.

Therefore, SoftAMIS provides not just a Product that is delivered to the customer, but a Solution.

Usually a typical software package includes:

  • Software product
  • Quality Assurance documentation
  • Technical requirements documentation and design documentation
  • User's Guide
  • Installation program and instructions
  • Documented source code
  • Maintenance instructions

All intellectual property rights and software source code created for a project are retained by the customer.

To find out how SoftAMIS can start helping with your project, please contact us directly via email or online form.