Web development is no longer just about publishing your brochure on the Internet. Web-based applications can enable greater collaborations across the Internet for your clients, vendors and all of your company's partners.

We can help you to maximize your business ability to deepen and secure trading relationship with your customers and suppliers, and to prepare you to quickly take advantage of new opportunities in an increasingly complex, competitive and unpredictable environment. Taking advantage of the E-Commerce is much more than simply opening up a new online.

We create web applications, using leading and emerging technologies. Most of our Internet related solutions are based on J2EE platform (while some small sites may be built using PHP). Of course, we understand importance of reducing the entire cost of ready solution, therefore often use proven open source technologies.

What makes SoftAMIS unique is our own frameworks of components and ready to use solutions that we use to build complex enterprise level solutions that include large amount of forms, various searches and reporting. Built of top of industry standards (like Jakarta Struts, JSP and JSTL), these frameworks allow us build exciting web solutions in short terms and with high quality.

We offer development a large variety of Internet-based products, like:

  • Corporate and marketing sites
  • Web portals
  • E-business solutions
  • Database driven web sites
  • Entertainment sites
  • Web-enabling of legacy client-server systems

Each business has ways where an intranet application can streamline communication. From status and reporting and online project management, to extending document authoring for multiple company branch offices while using centralized data management.

We work with our clients to develop the right strategy and help them choose the Intranet solutions which suit their business, like:

  • Document management systems
  • Inventory register
  • Messaging systems
  • Staff directories
  • Forum/bulletin boards