Database development is a crucial and ongoing need for any business, especially if you want a dynamic website. At the heart of most business applications these days is a database. ERP, MRP, CRM, E-commerce, payroll, sales and marketing programs, quality analysis systems, shop floor control applications - they all are built around a database.

We provide offshore database design and development services of existing or new systems. Our development team has experience with in all major databases including MS SQL, MySQL, InterBase, Oracle and others.

Whether your core issues involve better management of internal data flows - intranet, or external data flows (Internet), or a combination of these two, we can work closely with your staff to develop data management systems based on your business needs.

SoftAMIS provides database integration with compiled and web based applications. We can create data mining solutions from existing databases. We can also help you bring your data together by providing solutions for companies that are maintaining multiple databases and need consolidated data entry and retrieval.

We can design a custom database solution for you. Databases can range in size from hundreds of records to millions. We have experience in using various database engines - ranging from pure Java databases to full fledge commercial databases like MS SQL or Oracle.

We design our programs starting with the output forms and reports you want, and work backward toward a friendly user interface. This technique makes our applications powerful and sophisticated, yet intuitively easy to use.

SoftAMIS offers a comprehensive variety of specialized consulting services:

  • Migration Services

    Integral part of database solutions includes migration from the legacy systems to modern relational databases as well as migration from client-server to ntier architecture to improve business efficiencies. Our domain experts in data warehousing field ensure that the integration of databases is seamless and non-disruptive to the business operations.
    - Migrate applications from other database products (e.g. Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, mySQL) to any other RDBMS.
  • Database and Application Performance Tuning

    We help our customers to optimize performance of the database servers, databases and applications.
  • Application and Database Upgrade

    We provide services in upgrading from older versions to newer database versions to take advantage of the latest technologies.
  • Product Evaluation

    We assist in product evaluations, development of proof of concept, benchmark or application prototype.

If you need help determining which database your specific situation requires, we will be happy to work with you to ensure you get maximum performance for the minimum investment. We help our clients in all the stages of their applications ranging from design and development to maintenance and support.

As a part of our database management solution, we focus on reducing operating costs and improving usefulness to the business by automating batch jobs, creating custom reports, managing system performance.