We here at SoftAMIS always try to be on the front egde of industry with new technologies and tools. Today we live in rapidly changed environment and have a chance to see how older technologies are replaced by newer ones, which, in turn, will be soon replaced too.

What is hot in Web development today? We sure that you know it - it's Rich Client and AJAX technologies. Is SoftAMIS familar with them? Absolutely.

So, there we'd like to offer you some tools and libraries we've developed to simplify development of Web applications which use JavaScript and AJAX. We hope you'll find them helpful - please let us know your feedback.

Please note that at the moment we work hard to release more goodies we've developed into open source, and they will be available soon, so please visit our site later to find more about them!

Already Available

The following libraries are available for immediately use:


JavaScript library intented to significantly simply most commonly used operations performed with JSON objects. Major features are:

  • Simple data lookup in JSON structure;
  • Simple data binding;
  • Ability to populate HTML form by JSON structures;
  • Ability to create HTML form (as well as other components) dynamically based on JSON based metadata;
  • Ability to compare JSON trees;
  • Various transformation of JSON objects (cloning, merging, etc);
  • Transforming JSON objects to maps;
  • Event based API for traversing JSON trees;
Now JSONER includes Updateable Actions

The subsystem that allows to program JavaScript based UI using notion similar to one used in desktop GUI libraries - actions that could have some state and which could be enabled/disabled due to some conditions. Major features are:

  • Support of stateful commands
  • Simplifies probramming of user interations;
Client Side JavaScript Undo manager

Undo Manager implemented in JavaScript which allows to support undo/redo operations easily as well as save and restore internal state of Undo Manager to server.



JavaScript library intented to significantly simply development of object-oriented code using JavaScript. Major features are:

  • Based on classical JavaScript inheritance;
  • Supports lazy inheritance;
  • Automatically resolves required external JavaScript files references;
  • Increases the speed of HTML page scripts loading;
  • Simplifies managing external scripts for particular HTML pages;
  • Has minimal impact to caller code