Organizations all over the world have been running on a large installed base of legacy applications that have evolved over years and across diverse platforms. In the new millennium, these businesses, demand greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity.

SoftAMIS assists such organizations in migrating to the web with the dual objective of leveraging the knowledge captured in their legacy applications, while exploiting the performance potential of latest technologies. We have the expertise to enable client-server applications, desktop applications or even large legacy applications to take advantage of the web.

Before re-architecting, we

  • Study the existing application
  • Understand relevant business processes and the existing system - its functionality
  • Identify the technological requirements and risks
  • Identify the usage of re-engineering tools
  • Ensure a phased implementation and smooth transition to the new system through constant monitoring and project management.

By re-architecting to web enable, SoftAMIS ascertains that clients realize greater business value through

  • Greater customer and end-user satisfaction
  • Benefits from upgrading to contemporary technology
  • Extended application life through enhancement of business logic
  • The moving out of legacy platforms or languages where vendor support is not available, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • Overcoming difficulty in staffing for diverse platforms with skilled person.