All services offered by SoftAMIS include several highlight features:

  • Quality

    Quality has primary importance to our company.
    Quality control process used in our company is not limited to the average testing of the software product before its release. Contrary, we exercises planned control over the product's progress, including quality assurance during all development stages, from the formulation of the task to the system's launch and further maintenance. At the same time, full control is exerted at all times not only over the individual product, but also over the quality of the production process as a whole. The use of bug-tracking systems is obligatory.

  • Modern Technologies

    The use of modern technologies has a number of decided advantages:

    • The time of development, and, consequently, its cost for the customer are considerably reduced;
    • Using pre-fabricated and approved in operation constructs and solutions allows to significantly decrease the probability of errors;
    • Modern development tools allow to speed up the software development process, as well as make it as effective as possible.
    The company's staff receives modern technologies and tools-related training on a regular basis, including the technical seminars for the experience exchange between the employees, conducted by the company.

  • Production Process

    The established production process and documents circulation, full control over the product's quality and efficient staff management are the main components, providing for our development team's coordinated work. All development stages and even the program code are stipulated by the company's internal guidelines and make up the basis of the Single Software Development Methodology utilized by the company. For requirements' analysis and design development the company's experts utilize CASE and other tools, permitting us to proceed from the design stage to the development one quickly and with maximum quality. This is the sole approach allowing us the successful carrying-out of both small and major projects.

  • Qualified Staff

    Our team is something we treasure most. Over the years of SoftAMIS's existence, we have built a team of qualified experts and professionals, capable of fulfilling most complicated tasks in the IT field.

Delegating non-core functions to experienced specialists outside of the company empowers the company to focus its main resources within, on developing the core business in which it has expertise. Studies reveal a satisfaction level of 84% amongst businesses that outsource with reported benefits including increased competitive advantage, improved profitability and reduced operating costs

For a typical business, software development, IT functions, IT application development, data warehousing, and data entry are prime examples. These functions are needed for profitable operations, but do not necessarily define the business. With outsourcing you can manage these functions without having to run them.

Put Simply - Lower Costs, Greater ROI.

Outsourcing can be a sensible solution for more cautious businesses who are unwilling to overload on commercial commitment at the beginning of their operations.

Outsourcing can be deployed as an efficient business tool and not only a method to help you through troubled times when profit margins are squeezed.

SoftAMIS leverages our best-in-class skills, methodologies and processes while maintaining our unwavering focus on solution quality, continuity and predictability.

Lower cost. Improved quality. Decreased risk. You should expect nothing less from your outsourcing provider. You will receive nothing less from SoftAMIS.