In recent years, business organizations have recognized the potential of open source software resulting in its acceptance as a reliable, cost effective and secure solution. Open source results in better software that uses the best ideas and best implementations from anyone who chooses to participate.

We are offering our Open Source consulting services to customers and partners who seek to deploy Open Source based solutions. We understand the advantages and disadvantages of open source software and have the knowledge and experience to help you choose and implement the best suited open source solution. SoftAMIS has expertise with a wide range of open source software packages, with a flare for modifying the code or doing system integration. Having experience in administration and software development, we are able to modify existing programs or write new programs to make a system perform exactly as needed.

Our Open Source consulting team helps our clients achieve competitive advantage and gain economically by leveraging Open Source technologies. Our Open Source consulting service portfolio includes the following sections:

  • Open Source Software Selection;
  • Custom Software Development using Open Source Software;
  • Support Services for Open Source Software.

SoftAMIS actively uses various Open Source products for development of custom solutions (just to name a few - JBoss, Jakarta Tomcat, Hibernate, Jasper Reports, Jakarta Struts, Jakarta Commons, Velocity, Free Mercator, etc)