Platform for rapid creation of enterprise level web applications
Highlights: Platform for rapid creation of enterprise level web applications;
Type: Complete solution
Architecture: N-tier framework for web based business applications development
Platform: Java 2 Enterprise Edition, JBoss, MySQL
Technologies: Java, EJB, JDBC, Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, Jasper Reports, Struts, DHTML, JavaScript
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ELF software represents a platform that is intended to simplify rapid development of enterprise level Web applications that utilizes complex backend logic and offers rich and functional user interface.

Development of ELF platform was governed by the following goals:

  • Provide a platform that will allow rapid development of complex web based business applications via code reuse and set of pre-built components;
  • Due to nature of constantly changed business conditions, applications created based on platform should provide high level of flexibility, easiness of maintenance, support and further evolution;
  • High performance and scalability of created solutions;
  • Built-in fine grained security and access rights management system;
  • Support of localization;
  • Clear separation of underlying business logic, presentation and core system logic;
  • Support of different formats of business data rendering;
  • Offering end users web based yet convenient and powerful interface.

To meet these goals, comprehensive platform was created. The platform could be considered as foundation for building complex enterprise level applications. ELF is logical evolution of previous projects developed by SoftAMIS, built on the top of state of the art technologies with utilization of unique real life experience gained during development of various projects.

The following set of ready to use components forms ELF functionality:

  • Users managements and audit;
  • Business transactions support;
  • Custom query engine with support of ad-hock queries;
  • Workflow engine for performing custom business transactions;
  • System audit and monitoring;
  • Data versioning system along with support of history for sensitive business data changes;
  • Email sending subsystem;
  • Report generation subsystem;
  • User Interface rendering subsystem;
  • User interaction processing frameworks;
  • Sophisticated user input validation system;
  • Skinnable interface and look and feel management subsystem;
  • Scheduler subsystem.

ELF Platform is ASP (Application Service Provider) ready - due to support of various profiles, using ELF it's possible to develop applications that are typical for ASP model quite easily.

ELF system is built to be open and configurable. It utilizes tools and technologies that are widely adopted by industry and due to this the learning curve for ELF platform is extremely short. Moreover, it utilizes exceptionally high level of separation between developers responsible for user interface and ones responsible for business logic development. Such feature allows ELF platform to be an ideal candidate for successful team development.

Due to clean design and high level of modularity, any part of the platform could be customized and extended to provide ideal solution that could satisfy requirements of any particular business application.

ELF platform was used in several real life projects that represent quite complex business applications and proved its reliability, performance and unique level of development productivity it offers.