Rich Web Components Library
Highlights: The components framework for rapid building Web applications
Type: Complete solution
Architecture: Web framework for rapid development of Web Applications
Platform: Java 2 Enterprise Edition
Technologies: Java, Servlet API, JSP, DHTML, JavaScript

The project represents a library of components intended for rapid creation of dynamic web sites. All functionality of this framework is wrapped into set of custom JSP tags that allows Java developers and even Web designers use it easily.

All components are built around common architecture based on Model/View/Controller approach and this architecture is similar to widely adopted Java SWING one. Having similar architectures allows easier migration from standalone GUI applications to Web ones. In addition, internal architecture of web components included into Mystic allows easy porting them to Java Server Faces technology (if necessary). Each component can be placed into container that manages and layouts all its child components. Since presentation of component is delegated to the specially written Java class or even to the JSP page it allows easily changing and customizing of the look and feel.

Framework includes powerful form processing and validation rules as well as sophisticated events processing capabilities that allow building robust and functionality oriented Web sites.

There is set of components which are wrappers for standard HTML ones like INBUT, BUTTON etc. The framework also introduces a set of advanced components which are quite usual in standalone applications and now available to build Web applications as well. These components include Outlook like bar, tree view, tab set, table and other components.

Framework also includes built-in advanced resources management functionality used for localization and personalization purposes. It allows specifying texts, images, pages, scripts and other resources according with selected locale, style and profile settings.

The project is implemented in Java language using Borland JBuilder 4 as development tool.

The JSP, Servlet API, HTML/DHTML and JavaScript technologies are used to build components.