Point Of Sale and Inventory System
Highlights: Highly customizable generic purpose POS software
Type: Complete Solution
Architecture: n-tier distributed application
Platform: Java 2 Standard Edition, Java 2 Enterprise Edition
Technologies: Swing, JavaPOS, RMI, Java, EJB, JDBC, XML,JBoss, MySQL, HSQL
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The PictoPOS software is generic purpose POS software that could be used for selling arbitrary goods and services. It supports both touch screen and standard operations to provide the most efficient and convenient way of making sales. All business workflows supported by PictoPOS are optimized to deliver best performance when touch screen is used.

PictoPOS supports several modes of functioning:

  • Standalone mode in which it could be used as standalone POS application.
  • Client-server mode, in which one central server exists and serves several POS stations;
  • Integrated mode, in which PictoPOS is integrated with some third party system used for inventory management and accounting. Oracle Small Business Suite is sample of such third party system (integration is performed via smbXML protocol).

Built to be open for integration with various accounting and inventory management system, PictoPOS provides extremely rich functionality that allows to integrate it with arbitrary any third party system.

PictoPOS was created with clear understanding of uniqueness of every particular customer needs. That's why it was built using architecture that allows customizing it to meet required goals. It is possible to customize eventually any aspect of PictoPOS functioning, such as:

  • Business rules - it's possible to specify rules that defines how to work with taxes, discounts, how to work with particular customer, how to close/open shift or day, which users are allowed to perform which operations etc.;
  • User interface - location and content of all panels, color, fonts, images and text location for buttons;
  • Interaction with the user - all actions that are performed as result of user command are customizable;
  • Working with hardware - PictoPOS is built using JavaPOS platform that allows it to utilize arbitrary any POS hardware for which appropriate drivers exist;
  • Printing capabilities - it's possible to tune every aspect of receipt and reports printing.

PictoPOS includes built in support of various POS hardware - receipt printer, barcode reader, magnetic strip reader and cash drawer. It allows to sell both services and goods, store history of purchases for particular customer and take payments using cash, credit cards, checks as well as take payments on account or member deposit. All operations and transactions performed within PictoPOS are logged and available for further audit.

PictoPOS includes various policies that define where one or many salesperson may work on the same POS station.

If PictoPOS operates in client server mode, it supports functioning both via Intranet and Internet. To insure data safeness and high speed of communication between client and server software, PictoPOS uses internal communication protocol that represents custom implementation of RMI and SSL.

Client part of PictoPOS system is implemented using Java Swing library which is used for GUI rendering and using JavaPOS for working with POS devices. Server side is implemented based on JBoss application server.