Highlights: The rich set of tools intended to increase productivity of Java developers utilizing Borland JBuilder
Type: Commercial product
Architecture: Set of extensions for Borland JBuilder IDE
Platform: Java 2 Standard Edition
Technologies: Java, Swing, JBuilder Open Tools API

Productivity Tools is a genuine and rich set of development tools intended to greatly simplify routine coding and navigation operations for Java developers those utilize Borland JBuilder IDE.

Productivity Tools includes more than 40 development tools and improvements, which belong to the following groups:

  • Code Generation Tools;
  • Power Tools;
  • Editor Enhancements;
  • IDE improvements;
  • Navigation Tools;
  • Information Tools.

Power Tools includes tools that add more intelligence to IDE - such as background code analyzer and various assistants used for correction of errors, task list and advanced to-do items, sophisticated code templates mechanism and WYSIWYG Java Doc editor.

Code generation tools allow generating getter/setter methods, overridden methods, implementation of interfaces, and implementation of constructors as well as generating delegating method.

Functionality of editor included into JBuilder is also significantly improved by Productivity Tools, by adding full fledged clipboard manager, custom code structure based text selection functionality, highlight of changed places of code and advanced code indenting functionality, to name a few.

Productivity Tools simplifies most of navigation tasks that may occur during development process by providing advanced persistent bookmarks manager, tools for navigation within source code based on syntactical structure of code and quick navigation to Java classes.

In addition, Productivity Tools includes notable amount of various IDE improvement that allows the end user to work with projects, source code and help system more efficiently.

Using of all improvements and power tools offered by Productivity Tools, Java developer gains significant speedup of development productivity and decrease of coding time.

Currently, this product is further maintained and supported by another company - you can find it on