WebBased video capturing system
Highlights: Web Based system used to support web cams, pictures capturing and online video monitoring
Type: Complete Solution
Architecture: Client-server application
Platform: Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Windows
Technologies: Java Servlets, Delphi 7, Active X, Video For Window, JBoss

The WebCamOperator software represents distributed two tier system that is used to support various operations related to web cam, such as picture capturing and collecting, online area monitoring and working with storage of captured images.

The system is built using client-sever architecture. Client part consists of several modules responsible for performing web cam operations and communication with server part using custom HTTP based protocol (which allows communications be transparent for firewalls). Server part of the system is responsible for storing, indexing and providing images on demand.

Unlike to other web cam software, the WebCamOperator software may run directly within web browser and does not require any installation process.

Capturing of images is only one part of system functionality. Another part represents browser based monitoring of remote web cameras. Client part of the system may be installed as appropriate component of operating system that captures video from web cam and transfer it to central server.

The system also provides ability to perform various operations with captured images. In addition, the system allows captured images to be exposed outside the system using appropriate set of API as well as via built in web server. In addition, captured images could be automatically sent by email.

Server part of the system was implemented based on JBoss application server using J2EE technologies. Client part of the system was implemented as set of ActiveX components using Borland Delphi as development tool.