Web Reports Framework
Highlights: Platform for rapid adding reporting functionality into Web-based and desktop application;
Type: Complete solution
Architecture: N-tier framework for web based business applications development
Platform: Java 2 Enterprise Edition, JBoss, MySQL
Technologies: Java, EJB, JDBC, Java Mail, JSP, Servlets, Jasper Reports, Struts, DHTML, JavaScript, PDF
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WebReports represents development framework that is intended to simplify integration reporting functionality into Web-based and standalone (GUI) applications.

Development of WegReports platform was governed by the following goals:

  • Provide a platform that will allow rapid integration of reporting functionality into web based business applications via code reuse;
  • Provide flexible and highly customizable solution that should satisfy most requirements that could be applied to reporting functionality in typical business applications;
  • Achieve high performance and scalability of created solutions;
  • Built-in fine grained security and access rights management system;
  • Support of localization;
  • Clear separation of underlying business logic, presentation and core system logic;
  • Provide developers ability to create typical and custom reports quickly;
  • Allow generating reports in various formats, like PDF, HTML, Excel and CSV.

To meet these goals, comprehensive development framework was created that may be used in various business scenarios.

Flexibility and scalability of applications that use this framework was one of primary goals that were considered during development of the WebReports library. According to requirements of particular business application, WebReports framework may be utilized either as:

  • Embedded component that run under web server;
  • Service on application server;
  • Part of standalone application functionality;
  • Standalone reporting engine with support of delayed and schedule report generation (as well as sending them via email).

WebReports is logical evolution of previous projects developed by SoftAMIS, built on the top of state of the art technologies with utilization of unique real life experience gained during development of various projects.

WebReports library is built to be open and configurable. It utilizes tools and technologies that are widely adopted by industry and due to this the learning curve for WebReports is extremely short. Since underlying reporting engine used to produce reports is JasperReports, developers that are familiar with JasperReports may start using WebReports almost instantly. From the other side, since WebReports wraps functionality of JasperReports and provides higher level of abstraction, even those developers that have no previous experience with reporting may realize how to create reporting functionality in very short terms.

Due to exceptionally high level of separation between developers responsible for implementing report's business logic (such as data retrieval functionality) and ones responsible for creation of report appearance, WebReports is an ideal candidate for successful team development.

Despite of providing high level abstraction (that is achieved by using customized XML based metadata), WebReport allows advanced users be free in expressing their creativity by allowing them fine tuning of JasperReports engine.

WebReports platform was used in several real life projects that represent quite complex business applications and proved its reliability, performance and unique level of development productivity it offers.