SoftAMIS XML Editing and Validation Software
Highlights: Universal console used for authoring and validation of XML documents that describe custom set of business logic.
Type: Complete Solution
Architecture: Standalone GUI Application
Platform: Java 2 Standard Edition
Technologies: Java, Swing, SAX

The XML Management Console represents standalone Java Swing GUI application used as tool for editing various XML documents. While potentially XML management console may work with arbitrary XML documents, the main goal of it is to provide strong support of custom XML documents authoring that may reflect and declare part of various complex business logic utilized by different applications.

XMC is ideal solution for editing data oriented XML documents, such as configuration files, deployment descriptors, metadefinition documents etc.

There are several goals that are solved by the application:

  1. Simplification of creation and editing data oriented XML documents using rich and convenient GUI;
  2. Support of custom data verification and validation rules that may not be achieved by standard XML authoring tools but which could reflect particular business rules applicable to XML document.

During design and implementation of XMC software, flexibility and support for further evolution of application along with tasks that could be solved by it was considered as one of the most important requirements. That's why this application was created using very flexible, modular and open architecture.

Due to unique architecture, XMC may be customized to tailor any particular and most demanding needs that may occur during editing data oriented XML documents.

There are several highlight features of the applications.

First, XMC utilizes unique GUI generation engine that is created using principles similar to ones employed by XUL concepts - all GUI forms used for data displaying, navigation, editing and validation are completely dynamic and is created on runtime based on appropriate XML descriptors that are defined for particular format of XML.

Another unique feature of XMC is support of sophisticated validation rules. These rules are also dynamic and may be constructed for any particular type of XML document. Together with intuitive and intelligent error reporting functionality offered by XMC, document validation rules provide powerful and rich mechanism that allows creating and validating complex business oriented XML documents.

Creation and editing of XML documents is major goal of XMC. However, XMC may be used even beyond that scope. Due to built-in system of plugins, functionality of XMC may be easily extended to include unique particular features, such as XML transformations, generation of custom code etc.

XMC application was created using Java 2 Standards edition, Swing library for GUI generation and Borland JBuilder as primary development tool.