The internet is well on its way to becoming an important sales and marketing channel for a wide range of businesses. Businesses of all magnitudes are realizing the power of the 'Individual Customer' and are increasingly trying to focus on the Individual Customer. Having realized the retaining an existing customer is easier then acquiring new customer, businesses are shifting their approach from CM - Customer Management to CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

eCRM (Electronic Customer Relationship Management) helps companies in implementing policies and strategies to develop online relationship with their customers. eCRM is critical for any enterprise that plans to realize profitability through acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers. In a nutshell it seeks companies to improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing sales and customer services resources. In most companies these are separate business departments working independently towards a common goal.

At SoftAMIS, we use Internet based architecture to develop CRM solutions for executing an organization's CRM practices. With the pure internet based architecture customers have the flexibility to access their data from virtually any device that is connected to the internet and has a browser. We develop eCRM solutions that are highly flexible and are easy to use and simple to deploy and maintain making sure that our solutions can meet the demands of alteration with the change in the company's policies and strategies.

Our CRM Services

  • Upgrade and customization of off-the-shelf software packages
  • Building tailored CRM solutions from the ground up
  • Seamless integration with other business applications

Look to us:

  • When you need a customized CRM solution for your specific industry
  • When you need to add additional functionality to meet your business requirements
  • When you need to integrate your CRM system with other business applications
  • When you need access to a deep and proven expertise in CRM solutions
  • When you need to find the balance between profitability and customer demands

Customer Benefits

  • Use sound analysis and proven commercial insight to ensure your customer's needs are understood and met
  • Build into your CRM infrastructure the processes that deliver measurable results
  • Improve the customer experience by matching customer strategies with customized technology solutions
  • Fast return on investment with SoftAMIS's cost effective solutions