One of the greatest challenges facing medium to large organizations today is integrating the multitude of different information systems that have been implemented over the years. An enterprise "patchwork" of systems is difficult and costly to maintain and enhance. Furthermore, many enterprise applications do not have communication bridges between different functional uses of the systems (such as separate billing, accounting, and sales systems) and different departments. In cases of result of recent mergers or acquisitions, an incongruent software product portfolio or disparate enterprise information systems can cause deleterious effects for a newly merged business.

To fully achieve the benefits of EAI initiatives, while navigating the sea of integration complexities, VDI offers the following EAI services for a wide variety of business domains and solution sets.

  • Readiness assessment for the products or systems targeted for integration
  • Analysis of the business process and data workflow
  • Determination of a unified data and process model
  • Research of the integration platform
  • Cost, benefit, and risk assessments
  • Full implementation of the integrated solution through design, development, and testing
  • Optimization and fine-tuning to achieve all objectives