Geographic information systems (GIS) have become a vital, value-adding business management tool. In a world where markets, consumers and employees are becoming increasingly more global and mobile, 80% of all public and private decision-making will be based on some type of geographically-related information. These rapidly changing business conditions will be the driver behind location awareness (geointelligence) in products, services and processes, thereby creating the geo-intelligent society.

With GIS solutions and mapping analysis, many trends in data become clear once the data is represented in a map. By analyzing your data spatially, trends not visible in the lines and rows of the spreadsheets, databases, and business reports begin to appear, and you can do further analysis of your data. GIS technology is no longer just pretty maps -- it can truly help you understand and solve difficult spatial problems.

Almost every industry has several keys questions should be answered during making mission critical marketing decisions that cross industry boundaries, such as:

  • Real Estate: Based on candidate locations, how should I allocate my capital budget between building new sites & rehabbing existing sites?
  • Retail: How should I adjust inventory, merchandising, & pricing based on location in order to meet volume & revenue targets?
  • Banking: Which of my savings account customers are the best candidates for brokerage accounts and what are the most effective incentives to attract them?
  • Telecom: Which of my existing customers are most at risk to move to a competing carrier & which non-customers are the best prospects to switch to my service?
  • Political Campaigning: Based on the latest polling research, what are the most significant profiles of swing voters and where are the most pivotal distributions?

SoftAMIS may help you to find answers to your specific business questions by developing highly customized GIS solutions that will be tailored to specifics of your business.

Most customers actually need not pure GIS but rather a tool that will help them in driving their business. We are aware of this and this is where SoftAMIS shines - unlike t most providers of GIS solutions, we have significant experience in other areas of technology and business and due to this we are able to offer truly integrated solutions.